Welcome to YDS!

👋 Welcome, it’s great to have you here.

YDS is a community of developers, designers, project managers, business people and students — all sharing knowledge. From novices to seasoned professionals, we are people seriously interested in technology and design, and want to share what we know with the world.

A few things you should know upfront:

  1. Beginners welcome! We are all students and teachers at some point in our life, and each meetup is designed to be accessible to all levels.
  2. Technology and design are transformational. Not just technology and design, but technological and design thinking. The way you think about the world shapes it!
  3. No egos — just fun! Those with passion and curiosity should join today!

YDS is dedicated to learning and knowledge-sharing! We take the passion we have for technology and design to make a positive impact in Yamagata.

Meeting Place

coworking space too is our home and where we have held every YDS meetup since our very humble beginings in November 2017. Coworking space is located on Nanokamachi at 2 Chome-7-38 Nanukamachi, Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture 990-0042.


For a list of upcoming events, please check out coworking space too’s Events Page.

We meet once a month at coworking space for “Developer Meetup Nights. If you have never been to a meetup before, don’t let that stop you. Think of it like a little party where everyone has an interesting story to tell.